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RBS4’s Exercise Library is packed with over 100 full-body exercises. With RBS4, you can create a workout using any combination of these exercises and perform it anywhere, anytime. It’s an all-in-one fitness system that gives you access to unlimited workout possibilities.

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"OptimalBody RBS4 has less impact on the bones and joints so it's an easier workout that's actually more healthy and comfortable for your muscles"

OptimalBody RBS4 is backed by Dr. Brad Homan, D.O. who specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopy. He is uniquely trained in treating athletes of all ages.

the ultimate full body workout at home

The OptimalBody Resistance Bench System

The fitness industry is no longer a GYM centered location for exercise. In fact, you can train your body at any level, with any goal and despite any limitations without leaving your home, spending on an expensive gym membership or being exposed to the germs of the overcrowded gyms.

But you must have the proper “equipment” to make your exercise routine as effective as possible. Fortunately the proper equipment needed is now inexpensive and highly productive when you use the OptimalBody Resistance Bench System – RBS4. The combination of the ONLY workout bench with a standing platform combined with our one of a kind 3 stage resistance bands makes the RBS4 truly the best “gym” available for in-home use.

Today, the resistance band has evolved as a total body workout solution. You can now use resistance bands for cardio and complete body strength training in the comfort of your home. And the exercises you can perform using a workout bench are (practically) limitless from chest presses and flys to tricep dips and crunches.

But with the RBS4 we have taken resistance band fitness and the versatility of the workout bench to a whole new level of AMAZING WORKOUTS! Just like peanut butter and jelly we have created the ultimate in combinations: the workout bench using custom attachments for resistance bands. And if that wasn’t enough, we added the ONLY workout bench with a platform that allows for safe, secure and effective squats, deadlifts and many other standing exercises you can never do with any other workout bench using resistance bands.

So, you ask…why did we bring these 2 state of the art exercise apparatus’ together as ONE next level piece of equipment? Simple…the  RBS4 delivers the most effective, safest, easy to use fitness technology there is.

Now let’s examine the FACTS behind this statement:

Benefits of Training with the OptimalBody Bench System Resistance Bands

There is no other set of bands on the market that has the versatility they provide. With the 3 custom designed RBS4 band lengths with 5 levels of resistance you can perform exercises targeting every muscle on your body at any level of strength. You can add or decrease resistance levels with a clip and even combine bands to take your resistance to the max. Our unique band lengths keep you challenged and progressing toward your fitness goals. They are designed for different exercises that will require more or less resistance, the ability to increase resistance as you get stronger as well as longer or shorter lengths to get a full stretch and contraction for specific movements. Regular resistance bands come in one length which is limiting from a squat to a preacher bicep curl, which by the way, you cannot even do without the RBS4.

You can build strength, mobility, control and stability simultaneously with these bands. Gym equipment is locked into a movement that follows a path that is rigid so you are more likely to “cheat” an exercise or lose the focus necessary in controlling your form. Resistance bands allow for a “free” form of movement that creates proper control and focus during each rep, set and exercise.

Working out with resistance bands can be just as effective as using free weights as long as you intentionally challenge yourself. For those with grip issues or movement limitations, bands can provide a lightweight alternative for resistance training.

Are Resistance Bands Effective For Strength Training?

Research shows that resistance bands can be just as effective for strength training as conventional resistance training using free weights. In fact, researchers have found that strength gains are similar to other resistance training modalities in sedentary adolescents, sedentary healthy adults, and high-performance athletes.

A 2017 study published in the European Journal of Sports Science looked at the effectiveness of resistance bands compared to conventional equipment for various exercises, including squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, unilateral rows, and lateral pulldowns.

The results showed that resistance bands could be just as effective for all but the squat if you pull the slack tight so that you feel resistance through the entire movement.

Why You Should Consider Resistance Bands for Strength Training

Resistance bands are widely used for therapeutic use, including building flexibility and mobility and functional strength for injury prevention or rehabilitation. 

Some physical therapists may assign specific resistance band exercises for various injuries or conditions, but you can also use resistance bands for injury prevention, exercise warm-ups, and increasing joint mobility, stability, and flexibility. Further research shows that using a resistance band is just as effective as other methods, such as the Swiss ball for core strengthening, balance, and stability. 

For the elderly, resistance bands can help reduce injuries and falls. Since bands can provide load from every direction, and the load is easily adjusted for intensity, elderly exercises can use them effectively without needing to lift heavy weights.

Do resistance bands actually work?

Yes, resistance bands do build muscle. Though free weights have always been the go-to for muscle-building, resistance bands can be equally effective at building both strength and muscle mass.

Are resistance bands as effective as weights?

Like dumbbells, resistance bands provide a level of resistance to help your muscle fibers become activated and become stronger. However, unlike dumbbells, resistance bands maintain constant tension on the muscles throughout the entire movement of an exercise and therefore create greater muscle growth.

It is also a fact that weight-bearing exercise is important for your health, particularly for muscle and bone development. Like free weights or weight machines, resistance bands provide a force against which your muscles must work. This action causes muscles to contract, which stimulates bone as well as muscle growth. Many fitness experts have noted that because as you stretch the band the tension increases, bands can, in some ways, be superior to free weights. Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends the use of resistance bands as one of the safest methods to increase bone strength and help prevent osteoporosis.

over 100 exercise videos

Hundreds of exercises to follow at home

All RBS4 customers will get access to the exercise database with over 100 exercises that cover every muscle group in the body.

The ultimate training tool at the palm of your hands!

What is the OptimalBody workout bench good for?

The OptimalBody workout bench is integral to strength training because it offers a stable surface. When you are lifting, you need to have some kind of support so you will be able to do your reps efficiently. This is one of the advantages of using a workout bench.

With this tool and our resistance bands, you can comfortably perform your exercises without having to worry about losing balance due to weights or having to perform all exercises in a standing position which is actually impossible for many key movements like chest presses and preacher curls.

Furthermore, a workout bench aids in maintaining good posture. In fact, it helps improve the form of your body while going through one of our RBS4 exercise routine programs.

The OptimalBody Bench Offers Versatility

This unique piece of equipment is not only useful when using our bands but also when performing other exercises, such as crunches, leg raises, dips and many more. You can also purchase accessories that allow you to change movements in order for you to maximize the use of your OptimalBody Bench.

Helps Target a Specific Muscle Group

Since the OptimalBody workout bench provides support, combined with the resistance bands, this allows you to target a specific muscle group that you want to work on. You can do “bench squats” with no strain to your back, no weight being pressed against your neck, no pressure on your spine and no worries of falling. Try that with a squat rack and a bar across your traps…impossible!!

Promotes Safety

The OptimalBody Resistance Bench System – RBS4 allows you to safely perform difficult routines. You will greatly benefit from having the peace of mind that you are SAFE and injury free during your workouts, whether you are a beginner, and you are just starting to learn the different exercises or you’re an advanced “gym rat” with years of training under your belt. With that said, this is something that you should not miss when shopping for home gym equipment.

the ultimate portable gym

What can you do with RBS4?

With RBS4 you can do everything you can do at the gym…without leaving your home, office or wherever you are!  RBS4 allows you to use angles of specific muscle group exercises that are not possible with any other resistance band system. You can adjust the range of motion by simply changing the band length to create a longer or shorter movement. And you can adjust the workload easily by switching the band or adding bands to the degree of resistance, enabling the challenge desired. Without ever having to move heavy weights around, re-rack dumbbells or wait for a machine to be free at the gym, you are now able to follow the OptimalBody workouts whenever you want, wherever you want. 
For example…when working a muscle like your chest, you can now stimulate that muscle in every way possible including incline, flat and decline angles using presses and flyes with your choice of handles or bar. And for a muscle like biceps you can quickly attach the preacher curl pad and do single arm curls, two arm curls and bar curls. Remove the preacher and do seated one arm or two arm curls and many other bicep movements. For standing exercises, it’s a simple move to the platform where everything from handle bicep exercises to bar curls can be performed. RBS4 is an amazing system for legs as well. Using the bench, everything from leg extensions to calf raises are possible while the platform lets you squat, lunge and deadlift among the many exercises possible. We can go on and on with all the possibilities RBS4 brings to your workouts but we’ll let you find out for yourself how RBS4 can take your fitness to a level you’ve never seen with an at-home system. 
We’ve combined the best aspects of resistance band training with the flexibility to use a bench, platform, handles and a bar. There are so many options with RBS4 you will never get stalled or bored in your workouts. RBS4 is the most innovative workout system available anywhere! 


The innovative OptimalBody Resistance Bench System – RBS4 allows for increased training variations, one of a kind exercise programs, and the ability to perform almost limitless movements never before available with one piece of home gym equipment.


The multiple positions and easy use of resistance band attachments makes the RBS4 the ideal piece of equipment for progressive exercise and increased intensity.


Easy to adjust bench for flat, incline and decline positions, plus the unique bench-resistance bands design make the RBS4 user-friendly and non-intimidating.

pu leather top bench


Quality construction using high end materials make the OptimalBody Resistance Bench System – RBS4 a durable and low maintenance piece of equipment. allows for increased training variations, one of a kind exercise programs, and the ability to perform almost limitless movements never before available with one piece of home gym equipment.

designed for all levels

Is RBS4 for YOU?

The OptimalBody Resistance Bench System RBS4 was developed for the fitness community to help ANYONE at ANY LEVEL of fitness have a way to use ONE system to get in the best condition of their lives. With simply adapting to the resistance bands that fit your ability, RBS4 enables you to start at any level, from the novice to the professional, and adjust as needed. 
Unlike cables, weights and gym equipment, RBS4 allows you to go quickly and easily from one exercise to the next by changing the resistance used. When you become stronger, it is an easy move up to the next level with a clip of the bands. 
Exercise angles and movements are effortless switched which gives you freedom to begin your exercise program at one stage and move up as needed. 
So whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner to exercise RBS4 is the perfect fit for YOUR fitness! 

Fitness pros love RBS4

“The OptimalBody Resistance Bench System is the perfect solution for today’s home exercise challenge. Going to the gym is time-consuming and risky. We’ve needed a safe, effective, results-producing alternative to our ridiculously expensive, ineffective, home exercise equipment choices for years. Bands alone came close but lacked the ability to position for optimum exercise variety. The OptimalBody Resistance Bench System solves that problem with a minimum space requirement. Thank you for coming up with something that actually works…it’s awesome.”

Tom Terwilliger
Mr. America, Best Selling Author, and Certified Fitness Professional.

 “The Ferrigno FIT family is proud to be partnered with the OptimalBody Resistance Bench System to stay as fit as possible and help others achieve their optimal body. As the daughter of The Incredible Hulk and Mr. Universe, Lou Ferrigno, I have dedicated my life to positively changing lives through lifestyle and fitness. The OptimalBody Resistance Bench System offers an all in one piece of equipment with the option of exercise programs for any level and for every body. I recommend it to anyone who wants to reset their fitness”.

Shanna Ferrigno
Best Selling Author of The Reset Plan Star of The Reset Plan TV series Founder of Ferrigno FIT



The weight limit for the RBS4 system is 440 pounds or 200 kilograms.

The bench is 31.5″ L x 12.6″ W x 11.8″ H

The bench is 22 pounds or 11 kilograms.

NO. The many RBS4 exercises and OptimalBody Training Methods are designed to be performed using the RBS4 ONLY.

We created the OptimalBody Training program to work in conjunction with RBS4 and is designed to provide the most effective workouts available. This is a 3 day cycle that has been created for effectiveness, strength and mobility, and not just to get you moving with NO long term benefits such as “functional training”. You are going to spend between 30 and 60 minutes each workout depending on the body parts worked.  You will take one or two days of rest after each 3 day cycle.

YES. As a RBS4 customer, you have the ability to message us in our support chat any time and get answers quickly to any questions you may have.

Invented by Fitness Icon David Lyons

OptimalBody Fitness and the RBS4 Team believe in supporting our community. So, to stand with Founder and RBS4 creator David Lyons in advocating for Multiple Sclerosis, the condition he battles, we donate a portion of EVERY sale of RBS4 to his MS charity

This cause provides programs, guidance and support to people with MS and fitness professionals worldwide in an effort to educate and train them in the benefits of exercise, nutrition and mindset in winning the battle against Multiple Sclerosis. 

Every time you order from OptimalBody Fitness or purchase RBS4, you are helping us help those with MS conquer this disease through fitness.

David Lyons receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger

David Lyons was featured on:

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